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    GeekLog DIRectory consists of only websites and weblogs that have been published with a Geeklog content management system.

    It shows the dynamic power and flexibility that geeklog provides and this enables webmasters and site builders to publish a wide variety of websites and weblogs.

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    Content Management Systems and Code Validation  View Printable Version 
    Monday, October 31 2005 @ 11:46 PM GMT

    This validation table is only a guide to which Content Management System may produce the most valid code on installation. Out of roughly 160 CMSystems, only 30 look like they will validate 100%. Geeklog is one of those.
    There are another 30-40 which look like they would only require a little tweak to validate correctly. More than half this list shows CMSystems which may have serious validation problems.
    This is not designed to be a definitive answer to who validates the best code and who validates the worst. I am sure there are a lot of CMSystems that are missing from the list and i would imagine that validation would vary from time to time, as systems are constantly being tweaked and upgraded.
    I have tried to include all the Open Source Systems that i could find, i have been less interested with including all the commercial CMSystems as i think they are a waste of money, especially the hosted variety. They are not likely to stand the test of time either, with so many quality open source content management systems being freely available now.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . read more (2284 words)


    Latest Geeklog Sites Approved  View Printable Version 
    Sunday, October 30 2005 @ 01:50 AM GMT

    Keep sending those Geeklog sites into this directory. Here is the latest 12 sites to be approved.

    My Tran
    Zimbabwe Daily News
    Kevin Beard Sucks
    Everything Horses

    Alternative Medicine
    Hot Business Tips 4 U
    Techno Bohemia

     . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    The Changing Face of Geeklog Directory  View Printable Version 
    Friday, October 01 2004 @ 09:54 AM BST

    Since my first experimentation with using a geeklog cms back in march 2003 i have made it my mission to build content and encourage others to build their content with geeklog. Since i started i have found it an invaluable tool to study seo methods in realtime and understand traffic and its origins. At this time i have over 30 different geeklog sites and databases and continue to plan to build plenty more.

    Whilst building content it has also been my desire to hack about with the code in order to find new ways to display the content, and even the url structure of this cms.

    The directory now has over 200 geeklog sites. Initially i thought i would have a lot more than 200 sites listed in 18 months, i guess this is down to natural wastage (websites die or migrate to another cms) and there a lot of geeklog websites that just haven't submitted to the directory.

    My experience as a webmaster leads me to the main reason why there are not 1000 sites as i dreamed about in 2003 is the fiscal and technical environment of the internet. Its a tough existance running a website and certainly no easier running a network of websites either. From the very beginning the question is "How the hell do i learn how to be tech savvy webmaster or even find the time to learn it?" and the second question is "How the hell do i pay for this or try and make a living from it?".... To me there is only one answer to both questions... "You basically have to dedicate your life to it like any other professional and figure it out on a daily basis".

    This means that only a very small percentage of people are ever going to take on such a pioneering attitude in this way. Just like i cannot ever see myself doing a parachute drop and jumping off a bridge with a rubber band round my ankles, but some people like doing it all the time. Its a weird analogy but pretty true, the human race is an unbelievable diverse selection of individuals and we all find our kicks in different ways.

    I have another reason why there are not over 1000 geeklogs listed in gldir. The name of the CMS is far from glorious in terms of marketing a product. Thankfully its not a marketable product, but free GPL code. However, the internet generation is no different to any other sector of the population and its no surprise to me that more webmasters use postnuke for their blogs, diaries and and commercial interests, cos the name sounds good. Indeed even i tried postnuke first before geeklog cos it sounded better, its only when i enquired into whether geeklog might be better that i became converted pretty much instantly.

    I've decided that with over 200 sites listed to alter the frontpage, instead of listing every site name, i'll include this commentary and just list a selection of websites. To see and learn more about adapting and modifying geeklog check out Geeklog Mod_Rewrite. This site gives insight into the hacks and rewrite codes required to create static urls plus a full working download.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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